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Dani James

Dani James is a graduate of Vassar College and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology. She founded Crossroads Interiors in 1987. In the course of her more than 30-year career in interior design, she has developed a reputation for professionalism, taste and imagination among her clients and industry professionals alike.

“I believe in a collaborative process that is explorative and educational for everyone involved. I begin by interviewing my client(s) to determine their goals, tastes, interests and living patterns. I look at their current environment to see how they use the spaces and what they like and, perhaps more importantly, dislike. Then we look to the future and to the range of possibilities that might emerge before we start making any design decisions.”

Regardless of the scale of the project, Dani provides a broad perspective. She is a student of the principles of Universal Design and a proponent of that philosophy. She also advocates the use of sustainable materials wherever and whenever possible. But no matter what the challenge, she is unequivocal in her belief in how to begin, and how to get from Point A to Point B. 
“I believe that good design is layered. I start with the outer shell, using the vertical and horizontal surfaces as a backdrop for all that follows. The shell is often neutral, allowing for more complexity of pattern and design as the whole concept begins to develop. As we layer in furniture, fabrics, accessories and art, each element builds upon the previous stage and contributes measurably to the total effect.”

James clients are found throughout Kansas City as well as residences in Palo Alto and Palm Springs, California; Castle Pines, Colorado; and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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