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I believe interior design is most successful when it’s layered. Light and dark, soft and hard,

smooth and textured, patterned and plain are all characteristics of design components and

when combined in interesting and appealing ways that compliment and contrast, you sense


This photo from a client’s dining room illustrates my approach. We began by applying a

limestone mantel molding for a chair rail, and then limestone 12” X 12” tiles as wainscoting.

The base board is actually a painted faux finish applied on the original wood trim. Wood

Wallcovering upholstered our walls above the wainscoting in a Larsen cashmere fabric.

Please note the wonderful double welt. Gene Switzer Antiques was the source for a magnificent carved wooden wall bracket and the antique metal work candelabra. I particularly love the bronze console base from Artifacts International. Antique leather bound books set off our concrete Temple Guard. All of these elements combine to layer both textures and patterns, nuanced colors and interesting effects.

You’ll find more examples of how I’ve brought this philosophy to life throughout the Portfolio

section on my website. If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or

send an email.

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